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Jamaica Dancehall Star Shabba Ranks Net Worth 2012

Shabba Ranks is a Jamaica dancehall star. Shabba Ranks 2012 net worth? Shabba Ranks 2012 net worth of $1 million. Shabba Ranks earned his net worth as one of the most successful Jamaica acts of his generation, gaining international fame overnight. Ranks, who had massive hits with Mr Loverman, Wicked inna Bed and Ting A Ling, gained international fame in the late 1980s. shabba_ranks

He has appeared on various tracks, including Busta Rhymes’ Clear the Air. He will also feature on rapper Tech-N9ne’s track Toy Boy. Now living in New York, Ranks has released a single called None A Dem in 2011.

American TV Personality Carter Oosterhouse Net Worth 2012

Carter Oosterhouse net worth $2 Million

Carter Oosterhouse is an American TV personality. Carter Oosterhouse 2012 net worth? with a net worth of $2 million. Carter Oosterhouse gained his net worth through presenting home improvement and how-to TV programmes, including Trading Spaces. From a young age, Oosterhouse took an interest in carpentry.carter-oosterhouse-headshot By the time he left school, Oosterhouse moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a television and film career.  Carter Can and The Inside Job, a spin-off show to Carter Can. The pinup carpenter also currently hosts HGTV’s Red Hot and Green and Million Dollar Rooms. Bud Light and Gillette – and his good looks haven’t gone unnoticed as he was named one of the sexist man on TV by People magazine, Inside TV magazine and Cosmogirl.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

American Basketball Player Bill Russell Net Worth 2012

Bill Russell is a former American basketball player with a 2012 net worth of $10 million. Russell accumulated his net worth as one of the greatest Boston Celtics players in NBA history. He was the first American player to have gain superstar status. Before his basketball career, Russell played for the University of San Francisco basketball team and led them to two consecutive NCAA Championships. Bill_Russell_NBA_Champion Furthermore, he won the 1956 Summer Olympics as captain of U.S. national basketball team. During his time with the Celtics, Russell was regarded as the ‘centrepiece’ of the team’s dynasty. After university, Russell joined the 1956 Draft and caught the attention of Boston Celtics. For the first time, Russell played professionally for the Celtics in the 1956-57 season.

Actress Melissa Rauch Net Worth 2012

Melissa Rauch is an actress and comedienne with a 2012 net worth of $6 million. Melissa Rauch is best known for her role in TV sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. Melissa Rauch started out as a stand-up comedienne, while studying at college. She soon made a name for herself on the New York comedy scene. 149866534AD00026_64th_Annua It is safe to say that Rauch’s breakthrough was landing the role in CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory in 2009. Melissa Rauch was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance. Since appearing in The Big Bang Theory, Rauch was featured in a string of TV sitcom/dramas, including True Blood, The Office, Dirty, Sexy, Money and the American version of the Australian TV comedy, Kath and Kim.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Top 10 Most Powerful Women | Features

1. Angela Merkel / Age 58

Most Powerful Woman for the second year in a row, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the “Iron Lady” of the European Union and the lead player in the euro zone economic drama that continues to threaten global markets. she has vowed to do everything in her power to preserve the 17-country EU.

2. Hillary Clinton / Age 64
Secretary of State

In keeping with her reputation as a no-nonsense diplomat, Hillary Clinton is spending her final months as Secretary of State far from the campaign trail. Much of that time has been on the go: This year alone, she’s travelled to 51 countries. And she went viral: The Tumblr blog “Texts From Hillary” became a popular meme in April. Clinton has steadfastly said that she plans to leave her post as diplomat-in-chief at the end of the year.

3. Dilma Rousseff / Age 64

The president of the world’s eighth-largest economy is ambitious at the midpoint of her first term, launching two aggressive programmes meant to reverse the still strong but shrinking national GDP. A second initiative focuses on business growth and innovation, including incentives for micro- and small businesses. A June poll put Rousseff’s approval rating at 77%, and she is predicted to win a second four-year term in 2014.

4. Melinda Gates / Age 48
Co-chair,  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

When you have your name on top of the world’s wealthiest and most generous private foundation, challenging the Vatican to reverse its position against birth control makes news. Melinda Gates, a practicing Catholic, has vowed to dedicate her life and a personal $560 million to improving access to contraception to women in poor countries. Last year, the charity gave away $2.6 billion and to date has committed over $25 billion in grant in poverty eradication, public health and education.

5. Jill Abramson / Age 58
Executive Editor, The New York Times

In year one as the first woman at the top of The New York Times masthead, Jill Abramson has shuffled senior editorial staff and captained the 161-year-old publication through an ongoing digital transformation. At the South by SouthWest, a music and film festival, this year, the Harvard grad talked about her pride in being the first female executive editor of the paper and the rise of individual journalistic brands on the site.

6. Sonia Gandhi / Age 65
President,  Indian National Congress Party

Sonia Gandhi, the longest-serving chief in Indian National Congress Party history, has had to defend herself and the party after a spate of key Assembly polls this year.  She was back in fighting spirit last month when she publicly reprimanded a fellow MP who had criticised her party’s handling of this summer’s rioting in Assam. 7. Michelle

7.Obama / Age 48
First Lady

More popular than her husband in this important election year, Michelle Obama has a positive approval rating of 66%, while the President’s average over his term has hovered just below 50%. This year, the Harvard Law School grad led the US Olympic delegation in July’s opening ceremony in London; penned a cofee table book, American Grown, about growing veggies and tomatoes on the South Lawn of the White House; and waged a war on sugary fruit juices as a part of her Let’s Move initiative.

8. Christine Lagarde / Age 56

Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

The first woman to run the IMF has spent much of her first year on the job battling the debt crisis in Europe. She’s been pushing for debt sharing and an increase in rescue funds from the European Union but has faced resistance from fellow Power Woman Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany. French-born Lagarde began her career at Chicago law firm Baker & McKenzie, where she specialised in labour and antitrust law. She returned to France in 2005 and was appointed finance minister in 2007.

9. Janet Napolitano / Age 54
Secretary of Homeland Security
US napolitano9

The first female head of the Department of Homeland Security is at the helm of the third-largest department in the US government widely considered one of Washington’s toughest jobs.  Voted Most Likely to Succeed in high school in 1975, Napolitano has a history in local and state-level politics and law enforcement but says moving to the national stage was a natural progression. “You’ve got to widen your scope and shift priorities,” she tells Forbes, “to keep the nation’s borders secure.”


10. Sheryl Sandberg / Age 48
Coo, Facebook

After four years as Facebook’s COO, Sandberg was named to the social network’s board of directors in June, the company's first female board member. She owns nearly $1 billion of unvested stock in the company.  One of few top women in tech, she has become the torchbearer for a generation of women hoping to balance high-profile jobs with motherhood.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

American Actress Cheryl Ladd Net Worth 2012

Cheryl Ladd is an American actress, singer and author who has a net worth of $8 million. Cheryl Ladd earned her net worth from as the character Kris Munroe on the popular long running television series Charlie’s Angels. Her first husband was actor David Ladd, they have one daughter named Jordan.

220px-Cheryl_Ladd_2b Cheryl has been married to music producer Bryan Russell since 1981. Ladd is involved with the non-profit group known as Childhelp. She is a celebrity ambassador for the child abuse prevention and treatment center. Ladd initially came to Hollywood in 1970 to begin a career in music, Ladd replaced the departing Farrah Fawcett in 1977 which was the second season of the TV show and continued to be a regular part of the cast until 1981 when the series was canceled.

Monday, October 1, 2012

American Sports Dan Fegan Net Worth 2012

Who is Dan Fegan? Dan Fegan 2012 net worth? Dan Fegan is an American sports agent with an estimated net worth of $20 million dollars. A graduate of Yale Law School, Dan Fegan is a very successful sports agent who worked for his own agency until 2010, when it was purchased by Arnaud Lagardere, a French businessman with an interest in bolstering the European basketball scene. Mr. Fegan was apparently attempting to dispel rumors about the meeting, by leaking the truth.

American Actor Max Baer Jr Net Worth 2012

Who is Max Baer? Max Baer Jr.2012 net worth? Max Baer, Jr. is one of the Best  American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter with an estimated net worth of $50 million dollars. Born in Oakland, California, Max Baer, Jr. graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Business Administration. He began acting in England in the late 40s, and then began working on various projects for Warner Brothers, including, Surfside 6, Maverick, 77 Sunset Strip, and Cheyenne. In the early 60s, he was cast in the role that would make him a household name, as Jethro Bodine on The Beverly Hillbillies. 

American Singer-Songwriter Emmylou Harris Net Worth 2012

Who is Emmylou Harris? Emmylou Harris 2012 net worth? Emmylou Harris is American singer-songwriter. Emmylou Harris 2012 net worth of $15 million dollars. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Emmylou Harris grew up in North Carolina and Virginia, and was the valedictorian of her high school class. She went on to college at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro after receiving a theater scholarship, but subsequently shifted her focus to music. She left the school early to pursue a music career full-time in New York. While performing in New York, she was introduced to Gram Parsons, with whom she would record a number of her early hit songs, and establish her sound. After Mr. Parsons passed away, she began a successful solo career that has lasted for over 40 years.

Screenwriter and Producer Evan Goldberg Net Worth 2012

Who is Evan Goldberg? Evan Goldberg 2012 net worth? Evan Goldberg is one of the Best screenwriter and producer who has a net worth of $20 million. Evan Goldberg earned this net worth from his successful career which includes such popular films as Knocked Up, Superbad, Pineapple Express, Funny People, and The Green Hornet. Evan was born in 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was educated at Point Grey Secondary School and McGill University. Goldberg along with his friend and comedy partner Seth Rogen joined the staff of Da Ali G Show in 2004.

Wrestler and Model Gail Kim Net Worth 2012

Who is Gail Kim? Gail Kim is a Canadian professional wrestler and model. Gail Kim 2012 net worth of $400 thousand. Gail Kim has earned her net worth from her active and successful wrestling career with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).Gail Kim was born on February 20, 1977 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada she is of Korean descent, she studied Kinesiology, also known as human kinetics at the University of Toronto than transferred to Ryerson University where she switched her major to nutrition.