Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 10 Highest Earning Tennis Men Players of 2013

Being a specialized tennis player would be a fun job. Not only do you get to travel to the most interesting places in the world every week, but you get paid a ton of money for your time! Well, you only get paid a ton of money if you're good enough to really win the tournaments and interest promoters. For example, both Victoria Azarenka and Novak Djokovic just earned $2.43 million as the winners of The Australian Open. Obviously the winners of competitions earn the most money,

1. Roger Federer

Networth $76,535,827


2. Rafael Nadal

Networth $50,061,827


3. Novak Djokovic

Networth $48,218,800

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4. Andy Murray

Networth $26,200,571


5. Lleyton Hewitt

Networth $19,378,763


6. David Ferrer

Networth $17,178,869

David Ferrer

7. Nikolay Davydenko

Networth $15,434,328

Nikolay Davydenko

8. Tomas Berdych

Networth $13,139,293

Tomas Berdych

9. David Nalbandian

Networth $11,037,715

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10. Tommy Haas

Networth $11,014,574

Tommy Haas

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