Wednesday, April 27, 2011

American Dancer Mark Ballas Net Worth 2011

Mark Ballas

Net Worth $450 Thousand USD

Mark Ballas Net Worth1

Mark  Ballas Jr. born May 24, 1986 is an American dancer. At a young age, he moved to London, in the UK, where he began his performing career. He remained in London until 2007, when he moved back to the US. He is also a singer/songwriter/musician for the group Ballas Hough Band, where he composes the group's music, plays lead guitar and sings lead vocals.

Mark Ballas Net Worth

Ballas was born in Houston, Texas, with family ties in Laredo, Texas. His paternal grandparents are George Charles Ballas and Maria Luisa Marulanda Ballas of Mexican, Spanish and Greek background. His parents are Corky Ballas and British-born Shirley Ballas. Grandfather George Ballas is the inventor of the Weed Eater lawn-trimming device.

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