Saturday, April 16, 2011

English Rock Musician Dave Davies Net Worth 2011

Dave Davies

Net Worth $3.5 Million USD

Dave Davies Networth1

Dave Davies born 3 February 1947, Fortis Green, London is an English rock musician best known for his role as lead guitarist and vocalist for the English rock band The Kinks. Dave Davies had a turbulent relationship with Avory, one of the reasons behind the latter's departure from the band in the mid 1980s, although the two had been roommates together in the mid 1960s.

Dave Davies Networth

Ray and Dave Davies remained the only two steady members of the band (with the exception of Avory until his departure) throughout their run together. Davies played a largely subordinate role to his brother, often staying behind the scenes. Davies would make occasional contributions on Kinks records as lead vocalist and songwriter, with cases such as "Death of a Clown" and "Strangers"

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