Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Radio Personality Angie Martinez Net Worth 2011

Angie Martinez

Net Worth $12.5 Million USD

Angie Martinez Net Worth

Angie Martinez born January 9, 1971, Brooklyn, New York is an American radio personality and occasional rapper. Angie Martinez got her first break in radio at the age of 16 answering hot lines at the urban radio station. There she met popular DJ Funkmaster Flex, and began working as his protégé. Martinez quickly picked up on the craft of running a successful radio program. Executives at the station decided to give her a chance, even though she lacked on-air experience.


Angie Martinez Net Worth 1

In 2002, Martinez was hired by HBO to host a late night talk show titled Stretch. All guests would ride in the back of a stretch limousine on their way to an event, and Angie would interview them about their latest project and what they did to prepare for the event, and then they would show up at the event and the pair would go inside together.

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