Friday, May 6, 2011

Jamie Palumbo Net Worth 2011

Jamie Palumbo

Net Worth 210 Million USD

Jamie Palumbo Net Worth1

James Palumbo, born in 1963, is the eldest son of Denia Maud Elizabeth Palumbo .Palumbo is best known as being the founder of the nightclub and brand, Ministry of Sound. Since its conception in 1991, the company has grown from a nightclub in London’s Elephant and Castle to a global multi-media business. Ministry of Sound is also the largest independent record company in the world.

Jamie Palumbo Net Worth

Between the age of six and twelve, Palumbo attended Scaitcliffe School in Surrey. On entering Eton College in 1976, Palumbo refused to conform to convention which made him unpopular. Responsible for the expulsion of a number of students for drugs, Palumbo was also involved in the abolition of the time-honoured tradition of fagging; the practice of younger students acting as servants to their older counterparts.

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